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Hello and welcome to our post that is going to share everything we know about pets in San Diego. Whether you are a current owner or trying to find a new special friend there should be plenty of info here to help you out.

Our opening section will be about the best San Diego pet stores. We figure since they are a good place to buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, and supplies they will probably help more of you out than any of the other sections.

Up next we will get into animal shelters for dog or cat adoption. With so much overpopulation many would prefer to go the adoption route and we certainly won’t argue against that.

The next three sections will be for the local dog lovers who are joining us as dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries near you will be discussed in full detail. Then we will dive into pet grooming and pet cafes around town. Hotels that allow furry friends to check in will also get their own section for any tourists out there.

Or if you are planning to leave home for a bit we will talk about the best places for pet boarding in your area. Before you leave we will briefly discuss some unfortunate topics like veterinarians and dog or cat cremation.

At the end there is a local animal lovers map to help you figure out which places are closest to your current area. We have also written guides for other cities around the Southwest that you can look through here if interested.

Best Pet Stores In San Diego

Whether you want to buy toys, food, or supplies or are thinking about getting a new puppy or kitten The best pet stores in San Diego should be good places to buy toys, food, or maybe even a new puppy or kitten:

You will be able to buy all kinds of pet foods, treats, collars, leashes, toys, carriers, and other supplies at any of those local pet stores. EarthWise Pet Supply sells a vast selection of all-natural, grain-free, and raw pet foods. Their store is fully supplied with excellent treats and chews that are not easy to find in your area, as well as pet nutrition and supplies. They also provide dog grooming and self-washing tubs.

Dexter’s Deli carries a large range of nutritional food, toys, treats, supplements, and grooming products for dogs and cats. They’ve also partnered with a licensed pet dentist to provide anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. You can even buy fresh baked treats and pupcakes that they make.

Noah’s Natural Pet Market sells a wide variety of dog, cat, and small pet food, treats, and supplies. They also provide a self-washing facility and offer pet adoption.

Pet Kingdom is a huge local pet store with a great collection of both live animals and pet supplies ranging from mild to wild. They specialize in exotic reptiles, fish, and corals from all over the world, but they also carry small animals like guinea pigs.

Pet Me Please is a local pet supply store that offers high-quality food, chews, toys, and other items at reasonable prices. They also provide a VIP pet care clinic where you may get safe, affordable preventative care for your pet.

Howlistic has a great collection of natural pet foods and treats in addition to eco friendly supplies. They also have a bright, airy spa-like space where you can bathe your dog in a clean, comfortable environment.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

You can find plenty of dogs and pets for adoption at your local animal shelters:

The San Diego Humane Society offers pet behavior and training classes, lectures, animal rehoming, consultations, community support services, a kitten nursery, and a free behavior helpline. Their services also include pet licensing, microchipping, vaccination, lost and found information, adoption, and euthanasia.

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a unique private non-profit organization that has provided a variety of beneficial services to the community through educational and therapeutic programs for humans, as well as humane care and adoption for animals. In addition, they also provide pet boarding, supplies, daycare, grooming, veterinary care, and dog training. You can also contact them if you have lost a pet or come across a stray animal.

Dog Parks

Let them get out all of that energy at one of these dog parks in your area:

  • Coronado Beach Dog Park
  • Nate’s Point Dog Park in Balboa Park
  • Fiesta Island Dog Park
  • Grape Street Dog Park in South Park
  • Capehart Dog Park
  • Canine Corners Dog Park
  • Ocean Beach Dog Beach
  • Kearny Mesa Community Park

Puppy Training

They say you can’t teach an old dog a new trick but if anyone can it is these puppy trainers:

Sit Means Sit Dog Training has a wide range of lessons and programs ranging from basic puppy training to daycare-style training. They focus on behavioral issues like aggression, separation anxiety, and fear or surrender. In addition, they offer free initial consultations as well as private and group classes.

Woof! uses pleasant methods and positive reinforcement to help people and dogs interact efficiently and build a great relationship in both private and group lessons. Karma Dog Training has comprehensive and affordable dog training programs for puppies to adults of all breeds. Their list of services includes basic obedience classes, puppy kindergarten, private and group lessons, board and train programs, daycare, pet sitting, and dog walking.

Bark Busters Home Dog Training provides in-home dog training for all breeds, ages, and sizes. They offer behavior therapy and obedience training, as well as gold services with a Bark Busters Lifetime Support Guarantee where if additional training assistance is required at any point during the dog’s life, it is offered at no additional cost.

San Diego Humane Society and Helen Woodward Animal Center from the shelters list, Bodhi Animal Hospital from the veterinarians list, Wag Hotels, Snug Pet Resort, and Paw Commons Pet Resort from the boarding list also provide local dog training.

Dog Bakeries

The cakes at Original Paw Pleasers Dog Bakery at 2818 University Avenue are grain-free, human-grade, and healthy for dogs and cats. They even have a wide range of bespoke shapes and photo cakes available.

Dexter’s Deli from the pet stores list also has fresh baked treats and cakes for dogs and cats.

San Diego Pet Grooming

These San Diego pet groomers will get your dog or cat looking their best for sure:

Furry Friends Dog and Cat Grooming does affordable full grooming services for both dogs and cats which include bathing and haircuts, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland checking, and flea treatments. They even provide boarding for cats and dogs and have a daycare with plenty of interaction and individualized attention.

Dunk’n Dogs Wash & Grooming provides high-quality holistic and natural dog grooming and sells food and treats for dogs and cats. They offer self-service washing stations, microbubble therapy, nutrition advice, non-anesthesia dental cleaning, pick-up services, and mobile pet grooming in your area.

Paw Alley has been providing high-quality grooming services for both dogs and cats for 12 years. They utilize only natural products and maintain a clean grooming environment while giving a customized grooming plan based on the breed, age, coat type, skin, and personality of your pet to keep it in top condition.

Diego Dogs carries high-quality grooming services using state-of-the-art equipment and luxury products at affordable prices. They offer self-wash service and spa treatment, pet sitting, walking, and daycare.

Helen Woodward Animal Center from our animal shelters list, EarthWise Pet Supply from the pet stores list, 24 Hour Dog Daycare, Wag Hotels, Snug Pet Resort, Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort, and Paw Commons Pet Resort from the boarding list also do grooming.

Pet Cafes

Puppy training boarding San Diego pet toys veterinarians

The Cat Café at 472 Third Avenue is a cat cafe and not an all pet cafe, showing up with a dog probably would not go well.

Hotels That Allow Pets

If you are visiting and need a hotel that allows pets stay at:

Pet Boarding In San Diego

When you need to leave town use one of these San Diego pet boarding services:

24 Hour Dog Daycare offers pick-up and drop-off services at any time with entirely customizable packages and a unique selection of services designed to keep cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds happy, healthy, and having fun. They also have offer spa treatments and breed-specific grooming.

Dog daycare, dog training, and dog grooming are also available at Snug Pet Resort who even sells professionally trained dogs themselves. Other services provided by Paw Commons Pet Resort include daycare, training, and dog grooming.

Helen Woodward Animal Center and Furry Friends Grooming also have overnight boarding options.

Best Veterinarians Near You

If medical problems arise head to one of the best veterinarians near you and get the best care:

Any on that list should be able to provide standard veterinary care for animals like microchipping, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, parasite control, cremations, euthanasia, other end of life care, and basic surgical or medical procedures.

San Diego Bay Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital that provides everything you need for your pet under one roof from routine checkups and vaccinations to internal medication and dental care. They also can do emergency and urgent veterinarian care for dogs and cats.

South San Diego Veterinary Hospital provides both traditional and alternative treatment to help your pet recover. They offer vaccines, surgery, dentistry, flea control, and other Western medical procedures in addition to more Eastern techniques like VOM, NAET, healing touch, acupuncture, bach flower remedies, and more.

Paradise Vet Hospital is happy to do house call services for your convenience. B Street Veterinary Hospital is a great option surgery, consultations, wellness checkups, dental hygiene, disease and injury diagnosis and treatment, exotic and pocket pet care, vaccinations, spay and neuter, as well as emergency and urgent care. They are open 7 days a week and have extended hours.

Bodhi Animal Hospital provides full surgical and dental services, nutrition assistance, behavioral services, and emergency care for pets of all ages. They also offer dog training, hospice and euthanasia, an in-house laboratory, and have a pharmacy to speed up diagnosis and treatments.

They can even assist with 24 hour veterinary emergencies if you call them at 619-299-2400.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

A somber topic, but when that day comes if you decide to go that route you can get your dog, cat, or other pet cremated at:

Transitions In Home Pet Euthanasia exclusively performs euthanasia in the comfort of one’s own home. Paws Into Grace offers pet euthanasia can also do it at your home plus they do individual or communal pet cremation while providing pick up and delivery.

Euthanasia is also performed by your local Humane Society in addition to Paradise Vet Hospital and Bodhi Animal Hospital from the veterinarians list. Here are a couple of links for anyone that finds themselves in a situation involving lost or found pets in your area, and this one can help with the dog licensing laws in the city.

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Have Fun With Your Pets In San Diego

Well guys, we did our best to cover the scene in full for you today. You just read about quite a few local pet stores, animal shelters, adoption centers, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services.

You could really help us and all of our future readers out by letting us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or by sharing your own local pet tricks and tips in the comments. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any San Diego pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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