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Welcome to this discussion about pets in Boise. Many of you probably already have furry friends, others might be considering getting one, but either way there should be plenty of information here to help you plan how to proceed.

We will get the ball rolling with the best Boise pet stores. They are a good place to buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, and supplies so we bet they lead many of you to our site.

Local animal shelters where dog or cat adoption are available will follow them up. Dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries will be the new few topics we cover.

Then we will get into where to find animal grooming near you and dog or cat cafes around town. Traveling is more popular than ever these days so we will mention some good hotels that allow pets in your area.

As things progress we will also mention the best places for pet boarding too. And we will get you out of here with unfortunate topics like veterinarians and dog or cat cremation services.

There will also be a local map to help you figure out which places are closest to your current area. You may also want to look through some of our other guides for more cities around the Pacific Northwest.

Best Pet Stores In Boise

When you want to buy a new puppy or kitten or just get some new toys, food, or supplies these best pet stores in Boise are good places to go:

Molly’s Healthy Pet Food Market, named after Katie’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a nutrition center and shop for dogs and cats. They believe that a nutritious, fresh diet can help manage and improve many of the health issues that pets face today. Molly’s supplies only the healthiest food, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats.

Northwest Pets has had a simple goal in mind which is to provide a better assortment of dog and cat items in a friendly environment since opening in 2005. They are managed by a dedicated team of experienced and helpful people who share your passion for pets.

Bark n’ Purr is a locally owned pet supply store that provides high-quality toys, snacks, natural pet food, and accessories. They also give nutritional counseling, have a self-service dog wash, and have a dog bakery with fresh baked treats and food.

Zamzows-State Street offers a variety of foods, treats, toys, supplements, and supplies for dogs, cats, wild birds, and small pets. They also operate a clinic that offers low-cost vaccines as well as a brief physical exam and consultation.

We are sure you already know what the Petco and PetSmart near you have to offer. If not, they are a big box retail chains with hundreds of stores across the country where you can buy just about any pet supplies you need, and they often do some standard services like grooming, vaccinations, and other stuff. Oh ya, there are actually four Petco’s in your area but we didn’t want to have them dominate the list.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

See what is available at your local animal shelters before you decide to go the buying new route:

Both of these shelters do great work in the community, help with rehoming adoptions, and can often assist in lost or found pet situations. The Idaho Humane Society’s objective is to advocate for animal welfare and responsible care, to protect animals from abuse and neglect, and to promote humane education, awareness, and compassion.

By practicing and promoting high standards of care and facilitating successful adoptions, Simply Cats save cats from suffering or euthanasia. They always seek to maintain their reputation as a leading no-kill cat rescue and adoption organization.

Dog Parks

An afternoon at one of these dog parks near you will make them as happy as anything:

  • Ann Morrison Park
  • Morris Hill Dog Park
  • Military Reserve Park
  • Cypress Park
  • Pine Grove Park
  • Manitou Park
  • Redwood Park
  • Marianne Williams Park

Puppy Training

These puppy training services should speed up their learning curve:

Positive Pets Dog Training uses positive, motivational, science based training to develop the canine mind and enrich the human spirit. Tip Top K9 enjoys assisting their clients in enjoying their dogs no matter where they are or what outdoor activity they are participating in. Their dog training staff can help you with everything from basic obedience to behavioral modification and off-leash control.

David Goldstein, the proprietor of Save the Mailmen In Home Dog Training and Pet Sitting, is a reputable dog trainer who offers in-home dog training across the Treasure Valley. David has worked with numerous pet owners over the last 30 years to teach their dogs how to be loyal and profoundly devoted companions.

Petco, PetSmart, and Escape the Crate also provide quality local puppy training.

Dog Bakeries

Idaho Barkery Gourmet Dog Cakes at 817 West Idaho Street is solely dedicated to creating tasty, safe, and pup-approved cakes. They also provide treats and custom cakes for your dog’s special occasions.

Bark n’ Purr from our best pet stores near you list has an on-site dog bakery with fresh baked treats and food too.

Pet Grooming

To get your dog or cat looking amazing take them to one of these local pet groomers:

Do-It-Your Doggie Detailing is completely equipped to assist you with all of your dog grooming requirements. Whether you need to bathe a dirty dog, cut some tail feathers, or clip your pup’s coat, they’ve got you covered. Their skilled groomer works with dogs of all sizes and kinds and may cut your dog’s hair in a classic style or customize it to meet your buddies personality and lifestyle.

Dolly’s Doggie Salon provides you and your dogs the best as a full-service grooming salon. They guarantee to treat your pets as if they were their own, paying attention to their needs and showering them with affection. Their new local pet grooming salon is spotless, welcoming, and convenient and you can find it behind the pink doors.

Dirty Paws has self-serve tubs that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They have tubs to fit any size dog and provide everything you could possibly need to wash and dry your dog.

Petco and PetSmart from the pet stores list, as well as Escape the Crate from the boarding list also offer grooming.

Pet Cafes In Boise

Unfortunately we do not know of any pet cafes in Idaho at the moment. If you do please tell us so we can add the info to this post, thanks.

Hotels That Allow Pets

Anyone that is traveling and who needs a pet friendly hotel can try:

Pet Boarding In Boise

These Boise pet boarding services should give them a good nights sleep:

Dog daycare, boarding and training are all available at Escape the Crate. They promise to deliver a safe, sparkling clean, and friendly environment that your dog will want to visit time and time again.

Boise Kennels understands that your pets are members of your family, and they treat them as such. Since 1939 they’ve been offering exceptional pet care to Treasure Valley residents, and their dedicated to giving your furry friend plenty of exercise and interesting activities to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Behavioral modification, puppy development, basic and advanced obedience, family pet behaviors, therapy dog training, assistance dogs, search and rescue tracking and trailing, and much more are available from Companions Dog Resort.

PetSmart from the pet stores list and The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital & Hotel from the veterinarians list also offer boarding.

Best Veterinarians Near You

Puppy training boarding Boise pet toys veterinarians

You can give them the best medical care possible by going to one of the best veterinarians in your area:

All of the above should be able to provide standard veterinary care for animals like microchipping, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, parasite control, cremations, euthanasia, other end of life care, and basic surgical or medical procedures.

Bench is a full-service animal hospital whose goal is to provide the best veterinarian treatment possible for pets. They will serve you and your pet with friendly, educational, and helpful services and provides emergency veterinarian services as well as medicinal, surgical, and dental veterinary care near you.

Ada Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital with a pet pharmacy. They offer surgery to aid in the management of their condition, as well as animal dentistry to improve their oral health and hygiene. Their clinic features cutting-edge technology including ultrasounds to ensure a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Eastgate Pet Clinic provides high-quality treatment including everything from wellness checks and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and major surgical procedures. They also provide elderly pet care, behavioral medicine, dental care, euthanasia, and other services.

The Cat Doctor is Idaho’s first and only cat-exclusive veterinary hospital and hotel. They offer a wide range of medical services, including vaccination, surgery, testing and screening, imaging, and a pharmacy. Cats can be pampered in a calm, clean, and feline-friendly setting.

Anyone that needs 24 hour emergency veterinary care can call WestVet 24/7 Animal Emergency & Specialty Center at +1 208-375-1600. Petco, PetSmart, and Zamzows-State Street from the pet stores list also offer some basic animal health care.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

Ada Animal Crematorium at 7330 W Airway Ct #102 specializes in the cremation of animals and gives a pet service that is environmentally friendly. Every pet is handled with decency and respect, just as we all would want our own dogs to be treated. Eastgate Pet Clinic from the veterinarians list can also assist with euthanasia.

Before we go we want to share a few useful links like these for lost or found pets near you. Here are a couple more for current adoptable pets in your area, and this one breaks down local animal license laws.

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Have Fun With Your Pets In Boise

Now that you have read about all of those pet stores, animal shelters, adoption centers, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, local hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services we hope you have a better understanding of the scene.

We would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or if you could share your own local pet tricks and tips. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Boise pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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