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If you are looking for info on pets in Washington DC you are in the right place. The best pet stores near you will get us going since they are probably why the majority of you found our site as they should be able to help you buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, treats, and all kinds of other supplies.

After they have been discussed in detail we will fill you in on animal shelters to adopt a dog, cat, or other animal. The following three sections are for dog lovers as they will get into dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries.

Washington DC pet grooming spas are up next before we dive into dog or cat cafes in your area. Pet friendly hotels and overnight boarding facilities need a shout out for any frequent travelers out there.

Veterinarians and pet cremation services are not the happiest of subjects but they still must be addressed, and it would be wise to stick around for our local pet business map at the conclusion.

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Best Pet Stores In Washington DC

The best pet stores in Washington DC to buy a new puppy or kitten or just get some new toys, food, treats, or supplies would be:

You will be able to buy all kinds of pet foods, treats, collars, leashes, toys, carriers, and other supplies at any of those local pet stores.

The Big Bad Woof not only sells all that but they also help people find lost, found, and adoptable pets.

Providing natural pet food and supplies is the dedication of Howl to the Chief who also works with Rural Dog Rescue from out next section.

PetMAC provides a wide variety of small-animal foods, toys, supplies, and adoptions for dogs, cats, and other pets while specializing in all-natural foods that have no chemical preservatives or animal by-products.

Unleashed by Petco sells pet food and supplies including toys, beds and apparel plus they offer full service dog grooming and training.

The Dog Park is a locally owned dog and cat store in downtown Alexandria that sells all-natural food, treats created in the United States, and a range of collars, harnesses, toys, beds, coats, sweaters, and bowls.

Quality pet foods, treats, collars, leashes, training equipment, accessories, rugged toys, and much more are available at The Dog Store. They also offer dog grooming in your area along with walking, training, overnight boarding, and daycare services.

PetSmart sells a variety of pets, supplies, and food while also handling grooming, dog training, and veterinary care.

A wide variety of fish, corals, and equipment for sale at reasonable prices can be found at Tropical Lagoon Aquarium who has hundreds of freshwater and saltwater fish to choose from. Numerous types of water plants, vines, and corals can be found in addition to fish food, vitamins, medication, and other aquarium supplies.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

You can find plenty of dogs and pets for adoption at these local animal shelters:

The Humane Rescue Alliance offers behavior and training as well as lost and found pet information and adoptions in Washington DC.

Training, advice, and other services can be found at Rural Dog Rescue.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue provides temporary housing for dogs and cats near you while they search for their permanent homes. They are always happy to accept volunteers and donations.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington has a shelter for homeless animals, adopts animals to loving homes, and does other community services. At Animal Welfare League of Arlington they can try to help with lost and found pets, pet support pantry, short-term safe keeping, surrendering an animal, wildlife and animal control, wellness, and training services.

For a non-profit organization that is independent contact The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria which helps around 6,000 animals in your area annually including strays, lost and found pets, local wildlife, rescue animals, and others surrendered by their owners.

King Street Cats is the only all-volunteer, cat-exclusive, no-kill rescue facility in Alexandria. They also assist residents in locating and retrieving lost cats and provide abandoned and rescued cats and kittens with a safe and secure temporary home until a permanent home can be found.

Friends of Montgomery County Animals is an all-volunteer non-profit organization caring for animals in Montgomery County and beyond that excels at feline and canine adoption and rescue service.

Dog Parks

Nothing will make your little buddy happier than spending some time at one of these dog parks near you:

  • S Street Dog Park
  • Shaw Dog Park
  • Swampoodle Dog Park
  • Langdon Dog Park
  • Newark Street Dog Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Shirlington Dog Park in Arlington
  • Glencarlyn Park in Arlington
  • Duke Street Dog Park in Alexandria

Puppy Training

Whether you want to try and teach an old dog a new trick or need puppy training services you should contact:

The Dog Wizard DC offers professional dog training at your home plus they also have group lessons.

Puppy training classes, socialization, private training, daycare, board and train, and basic obedience manners dog training classes are available at WOOFS! Dog Training Center for residents of Arlington, Alexandria, DC, Annandale, Falls Church, Fairfax, Great Falls, and Vienna.

Olde Towne School For Dogs in Alexandria is a great option for training, grooming, pet supplies, private sessions, puppy training, and off-leash training.

Pack Place K9 provides dog day camp, grooming, boarding, group or private training, agility courses, treadmills, and K9 party rentals.

In-home dog training is provided by Pawz For Health In-Home Dog Training which is based in Silver Spring.

Obedience and special skills training for dogs of all ages and breeds can be taken at Academy Dog Training where they also sell premium pet supplies and dog food at a discounted price.

Monument Dog Training offers an in-home training program.

Well Done Charlie Dog Training is a private organization in your area that specializes in fear and separation anxiety but they can also handle puppy training, obedience training, and behavior solutions.

There are many other options for puppy training that we have listed in other sections like The Humane Rescue Alliance, Rural Dog Rescue, Riley’s Life, Dogtopia, Atlas Doghouse, Patrick’s Pet Care, The Dog Store, Unleashed by Petco, PetSmart, District Dogs Navy Yard, Fur-Get Me Not Pet Care, and City Dogs.

Dog Bakeries

For a real special treat visit one of these dog bakeries near you:

For customers who need to buy food, treats, toys, and other items Doggy Style Bakery provides curbside service as well as local delivery.

Grooming is another service that can be enjoyed by Dogma Bakery in addition to their tasty and healthy dog food and treats.

Woof Gang Bakery gives the best in pet care by offering high-quality products and grooming with a customer-first attitude in addition to their great fresh baked food and treats for pets. Boarding, doggie daycare, and self-service grooming are also available.

Washington DC Pet Grooming

Puppy training boarding Washington DC pet toys veterinarians near you

These local pet groomers will get your dog or cat looking their best for sure:

Life of Riley also offers training, daycare, and boarding services.

Dogtopia who will give you access to a camera so you can keep an eye on your furry family member and watch them play throughout the day using your computer or smartphone. Training and boarding are also on their list of services.

Grooming for various types of cats and dogs by appointment as well as a selection of pet products near you can be found at Happy Grooming.

District Dogs Navy Yard specializes in dog grooming and spa services while also offering dog daycare, training, boarding, play park rentals, and pet laundry.

Full service pet grooming in Washington DC as well as a self-serve dog wash for all breeds is what you get from Bonnie’s Dog & Cat Grooming.

The Muddy Mutt also has a self-serve dog wash in addition to their professional bath and grooming services.

Wag More Dogs provides dog grooming, daycare, and boarding.

There are so many options for grooming, bathing, and pet salon services that will help you make the best pick for your cats and dogs at The Groomery On Glebe.

Fidoz N’ Felinez Pet Salon and Day Spa is a full service pet grooming salon for cats and dogs in your area.

GROOM! Salon is a top-rated grooming salon in downtown Silver Spring that excels at cage-free grooming.

Professional grooming services for all breeds, special needs pets, puppies, and senior pets can be tried at Dawgs and Paws whose full grooming services include bathing, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and medicated baths.

Dogma Bakery, The Dog Store, Unleashed by Petco, PetSmart, Hometown Veterinary Clinic, and Patrick’s Pet Care from some of our other lists are also good options for animal grooming in the District of Columbia.

Pet Cafes

Everyone is welcome to grab a drink and play with some cats at these pet cafes:

There will be many opportunities to interact with kitties while also drinking coffee at Crumbs & Whispers whose cats are available for adoption and they have helped nearly 2,000 find a new home since starting up.

Mount Purrnon Cat Café + Wine Bar is a space where you can make yourself comfortable and have fun while helping adoptable rescue cats.

Hotels That Allow Pets

If you are visiting and need a hotel that allows pets stay at:

Pet Boarding In Washington DC

When you need to leave town use one of these Washington DC pet boarding services:

Dog-Ma is the District of Columbia’s only outdoor dog-park-style daycare and boarding facility.

Daycare, training, boarding, pet sitting, and dog walking are all available at Atlas Doghouse.

Patrick’s Pet Care offers grooming, training, and chauffeured transportation to and from their locations.

Cage-free daycare and overnight boarding are available at City Dogs which is staffed 24 hours a day by dog enthusiasts and who also offers puppy and adult obedience instruction.

Capital Kitty Cat Resort has a cats-only boarding space and kitty daycare.

Dog daycare, boarding, dog walking, pet sitting, as well as dog training are all available at Fur-Get Me Not Pet Care.

The Board Hound provides a dog daycare, boarding, and training.

Full-service dog daycare and boarding are possible at Your Dog’s Best Friends where they also do dog grooming, walking, training, and socialization.

Whole Dogz is an organic and holistic doggie retreat with daycare, grooming, all-suite boarding, and plenty of healthy food and supplements.

Daycare and overnight boarding to accommodate both short-term and long-term dog care needs area available at The Dog Stay where you can also get basic in-house grooming services by appointment.

Some other places we have mentioned in other lists that also do boarding include Riley’s Life, The Dog Store, District Dogs Navy Yard, Hometown Veterinary Clinic, Wag More Dogs, Pack Place K9, and Dogtopia plus most of the local animal hospitals in our next section should provide it also.

Best Veterinarians Near You

If medical problems arise head to one of the best veterinarians in your area and get the best care:

Any on that list should be able to provide standard veterinary care for animals in Washington DC like microchipping, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, parasite control, cremations, euthanasia, other end of life care, and basic surgical or medical procedures.

Atlas Vet provides an online pharmacy as well as emergency services during regular business hours.

Friendship Hospital For Animals does primary care, 24 hour emergency treatment by calling +1 202-363-7300, and specialty care.

Pet certificates and emergency care are possible with District Veterinary Hospital.

Nova Cat Clinic is Arlington’s only cat-only veterinarian clinic. They offer annual exams, boarding and daycare, grooming services, a feline health report, I-131 radioactive therapy, therapeutic laser, and other services.

A wide range of services including emergency and urgent care, dentistry, therapeutic laser, dermatology, and more take place at Clarendon Animal Care.

Caring Hands Animal Hospital offers dentistry, flea and tick prevention and control, and other general veterinary services.

Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre is happy to do dentistry, parasite treatment, wellness and preventive care, laser therapy, euthanasia, and cremation services.

As a full-service clinic that specializes in providing the best possible care for your cats and dogs Hometown Veterinary Clinic can do emergency and urgent treatment, dental work, and other services like pet boarding, doggy daycare, grooming, and training.

Hayfield Animal Hospital offers trusted pet care for your cat, dog, or exotic animals in Alexandria and the surrounding areas. Emergency services, dental care, hospice care, house call euthanasia, boarding, training, and cremation services are all things they can handle.

Germantown Veterinary Clinic does emergency care, dental services, flea and tick treatment and prevention, behavioral issues, and euthanasia.

Expect to find emergency care, dental care, pain management, hospice care, and local pet euthanasia at Little Seneca Animal Hospital.

Fairland Animal Hospital can do a wide range of treatments for your pet’s care including cold laser therapy, dental health, preventative medication, and more.

For a medical, dental, and surgical facility that also is a good option for all-breed grooming, teeth cleaning, and flea and tick treatments contact Marymont Animal Hospital.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

Not our favorite topic or yours but when that day comes you can get your dog, cat, or other pet cremated at:

Tranquility Vets provides pet euthanasia services in the comfort of your own home.

Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre, Germantown Veterinary Clinic, Little Seneca Animal Hospital, and Hayfield Animal Hospital also offer pet end of life care assistance.

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Have Fun With Your Pets In Washington DC

Well guys, we did our best to cover the scene in full for you today. You just learned about a whole lot of pet stores near you in addition to animal shelters, adoptions, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services in your area.

You could really help all of our readers out by mentioning if you noticed anything incorrect, or by sharing your own local pet tricks and tips in the comments. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Washington DC pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page

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