Monte Carlo Pet Stores, Shelters, Dog Parks & More

Pet stores Monte Carlo dog parks grooming animal shelter

We appreciate you joining us for this discussion on everything we know about pets in Monte Carlo. Our goal is to cover the topic in full detail so you can find everything you need right here on one page.

With that said we can’t think of a better way to begin than by listing the best Monte Carlo pet stores. Whether you want to buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, or other supplies they should be able to help you out.

Up next we will talk about the top animal shelters near you for those who would prefer to adopt a dog, cat, or other pet instead of buying a new one. Local dog lovers will really enjoy our next three sections which are about dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries in the area.

Then we will dive in into pet grooming salons and dog or cat cafes near you. Frequent travelers will get the most out of the next sections which discuss local hotels that allow pets and also boarding facilities.

Our final topics will be the unfortunate ones like veterinarians and pet cremation services. To get a better lay of the land stick around for our local EverythingPetsNearYou map at the end.

Best Pet Stores In Monte Carlo

To get your pet looking their best you should head to For Pets Only at 3 Avenue Princesse Alice. They do dog grooming, plus they also sell the trendiest items in pet fashion.

Need a cute outfit, collar, leash, or other accessories? They are where to find it in Monaco.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

Those who want to adopt a puppy, dog, cat, or other pet should look no further than Société Canine de Monaco located at 12 Avenue d’Ostende. If you happen to find a lost pet then contact them for assistance on finding the original owner.

Dog Parks

While not exactly dog parks per se they still will have a lot of fun walking around at:

  • Avenue de Grande Bretagne
  • Jardin Exotique de Monaco

Puppy Training

It might be hard to teach an old dog a new trick but the puppy training services at O.K. Dog Monte-Carlo might actually be able to do it.

Dog Bakeries

We do not know of any dog, cat, or pet bakeries in Monte Carlo currently. If you do please tell us in the comments at the end of the post so we can add that info to this page, thanks.

Monte Carlo Pet Grooming

Puppy training boarding Monte Carlo pet toys veterinarians

U Can U Gatu at 4 Avenue des Papalins provides dog and cat grooming services near you. Remember that For Pets Only also does dog grooming.

Pet Cafes

We are not aware of any dog, cat, or pet cafes in Monte Carlo at the moment. If you know of any please tell us in the comments at the end of the post so we can add that info to this page, thanks.

Hotels That Allow Pets

For a hotel that allows pets consider:

O.K. Dog Monte-Carlo is a qualified dog breeder that learned some unique techniques to effectively train dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Pet Boarding In Monte Carlo

We are not aware of any dog, cat, or pet boarding services in Monte Carlo at the moment. If you know of any please tell us in the comments at the end of the post so we can add that info to this page, thanks.

Our best suggestion would be to contact one of the veterinarians if you are in a pinch.

Best Veterinarians Near You

Get the best care possible by taking them to one of the best veterinarians near you:

If you need medical help or general surgeries for your pet Clinique Vétérinaire Sainte Dévote can probably get the job done right. They also have a store filled with healthy cat and dog food plus they sell medicines for pets.

Some of the services available at Clinique Vétérinaire Monaco-Fontvieille are medical imaging, laboratory work, hospitalization, general healthcare, eye care, surgical procedures, dental care, and laser therapy.

If you need urgent care the local number for emergency veterinary services is +33 (0)493834664.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

The same suggestion we made in the boarding section can be said for pet cremation or euthanasia services. Contact one of the vets and they will know how to handle end of life care in the most humane way possible.

You may also want to read some of our other guides for these towns in the area:

Have Fun With Your Pets In Monte Carlo

Now that you have read about all of those local pet stores, animal shelters, adoptions, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services you should have a much better understanding of what is to offer here.

We and our readers would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or if you could share your own local pet tricks and tips. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Monte Carlo pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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