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We will be going over everything we know about pets in Moscow in full detail for you on this page today. Our goal is to share anything you may need to know about the subject at hand in one place.

Even if we want to cover everything, there’s no better place to start than a list of the best Moscow pet stores. They are probably the major reason you came to our blog, and they should be able to help you buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, and other supplies.

Next you’ll learn about the best animal shelters in your area for people who would prefer to adopt a dog, cat, or other animal. The following three sections cover dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries in town.

Following that we will focus on local pet grooming spas and dog or cat cafes. Then we will mention some pet friendly hotels and overnight boarding facilities near you for the frequent travelers out there.

Veterinarians and pet cremation services are not the most upbeat subjects but they still must be addressed. You might want to stick around for our local pet map at the conclusion.

And anyone who is interested is welcome to look through more of our posts on cities around Europe at that link.

Best Pet Stores In Moscow

You might want a new puppy or kitten or maybe you just need some new toys, food, or supplies and either way you can visit the best Moscow pet stores:

Beethoven Pet Shop has a wide selection of items for pets from budget to high-end including a variety of foods, nutritional supplements, and veterinary medicines. There is a veterinarian pharmacy as well as accessories and animal care items at each store. You may also buy a pet from them along with everything you’ll need to keep it.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

You should be able to find plenty of cute dogs and pets for adoption at these animal shelters:

Adoption, volunteering, and lost and found dogs are all part of the local Kozhukhovskiy Shelter’s services. The Call of the Wild Animal Shelter has spayed and vaccinated all of its animals that are available for adoption.

Dog Parks

On a sunny day brighten theirs even more by heading to one of these dog parks near you:

  • Ploshchadka Dlya Sobak
  • Sobach’ya Ploshchadka U Shkoly251
  • Sportivno-Dresirovochnaya Ploshchadka Khovrino
  • Ploshchadka Dlya Vygula Sobak
  • Dog Training Zone
  • Mesto Dlya Vygula Sobak

Puppy Training

These puppy trainers near you will have them following orders in no time:

Lucky Dog offers a dog hotel, a pool for dogs, rehabilitation, and puppy and dog training. They provide basic obedience, basic urban behavior, companion dog training, guard dog training, stunt training, individual instruction, and group training.

Uchebno-Dressirovochnyy Tsentr Sobach’ye Delo provides group and individual dog training.

Dog Bakeries

Unfortunately we do not know of any Moscow dog bakeries. If you do please tell us so we can add the info to this post, thanks.

Moscow Pet Grooming

Puppy training boarding Moscow pet toys veterinarians

When your dog or cat needs to look better than ever bring them to one of these pet groomers near you:

Berry Grooming offers a comprehensive range of pet grooming services, including haircuts, trimming, cleanliness, and more. Monica Grooming also does all kinds of grooming services from haircuts to coloring, spa treatments, ozone therapy, and even vaccinations.

You can also get quality pet grooming near you from Sobaka-Gulyaka – Perederzhka I Vygul Sobak in the boarding list.

Pet Cafes

If you are bored and want to get out of the house take them to one of these dog, cat, or other pet cafes:

Kotissimo Cat Café is Moscow’s largest cat café, but remember that it is not an all-pet cafe. All of the cats there are in good health, have been vaccinated, sterilized, and are adoptable.

Owl House is Russia’s first owl anti-cafe. That means you do not have to pay for beverages or biscuits as the fee of your visitation includes these.

Hotels That Allow Pets

For a hotel that allows pets consider:

Pet Boarding In Moscow

These pet boarding services in Moscow are where to go when you need to leave town for a bit:

Dogsy provides cat and dog sitting services at your home or at the home of the dog sitter, as well as dog walking. Sobaka-Gulyaka – Perederzhka I Vygul Sobak provides pet sitting, dog walking, and daily pet care services including grooming, washing, and trimming.

Lucky Dog from a prior list is another solid option for overnight animal boarding.

Best Veterinarians Near You

Get the best care possible by taking them to one of the best veterinarians near you:

All veterinary services are provided by Movet, including parasite control, immunization, general consultation, surgery, and more. Emergency/urgent care, pet therapy, and surgery are all available at

Begovaya’s veterinary clinic offers a wide range of services for dogs, cats, ferrets, and rodents including microchipping.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

Stolichnoye Kladbishche Domashnikh Zhivotnykh at Mashkinskoye Shosse, 15 #1 offers pet euthanasia at home or at a place of their choice, as well as individual and generic cremation and burial services. Now we want to share a few last links to assist, the first is for lost and found pets in your area, as is this one.

And here is a link to license your dog in the city limits. We have also written posts on:

Have Fun With Your Pets In Moscow

We did our best to cover as much as we could. After reading about all of those pet stores, local animal shelters, adoption centers, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services we hope you have a better understanding of the scene.

We know our future readers would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or if you could share your own local pet tricks and tips. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Moscow pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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