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Everything we know about pets in Seville will be covered in full detail for you today. Hopefully this will be a one stop shop where you can get all of the info you need as quickly and easily as possible.

Even though we are trying to discuss it all we still can’t think of a better way to begin than by listing the best Seville pet stores. They should be able to help you buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, or other supplies and are probably the main draw to this page.

After they are out of the way we will get into the top local animal shelters for those who would prefer to adopt a dog, cat, or other pet instead of buying a new one. Dog lovers in the area will really enjoy our next three sections which are about dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries near you.

Then it will be time for you to read about pet grooming salons and dog or cat cafes near you. Anyone who travels often will enjoy our next sections which discuss local hotels that allow pets and also boarding facilities.

Our last topics will be a little bit doom and gloom like veterinarians and pet cremation services. Stick around for our map at the end, and if you want to compare the scene here to our other local Spain pet blogs click there.

Best Pet Stores In Seville

Head to one of the best pet stores in Seville if you want to buy a new puppy, kitten, toys, food, or other supplies:

All orders of 50 euros or more from Semilleria Ornicanary get free shipping. They focus on selling bird food and supplies, but also have some options for other animals.

There are lots of varieties of healthy pet foods for dogs, cats, and others available at Doghis. They even provide grooming services and can do some on-site veterinary care too.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

The animal shelter at Asociacion Ayandena is a great place to adopt a dog, cat, or sometimes other pets. Additionally they do sterilization campaigns where they spay or neuter strays in the area, go to schools to talk to kids about animal abuse, and are always taking volunteers.

They are also one of the best contacts to have if you are in a situation involving a lost or found dog, cat, or other pet in the area.

Dog Parks

You know your special buddy would love nothing more than to run around one of these dog parks in the area:

  • Parque del Alamillo
  • Parque de los Principes
  • Parque de la Cuesta del Cross
  • Paseo Alcalde Marqués del Contadero

Puppy Training

Whether you want to try and teach an old dog a new trick or need puppy training services contact:

There will be a variety of options at the above ranging from group puppy training classes to private dog training courses. At Gizpet you can also try out their grooming services.

Educan has a fun sports training program to help with agility, they do smell training, plus they have a board and train program. Urancán has special classes for behavioral correction and also does the sports agility training.

Animal Oasis Residence from our next list also does dog training.

Dog Bakeries

Please use the comments to let us know if there are any cat, dog, or other pet bakeries near you. At this time we do not know about any.

Seville Pet Grooming

A trip to the pet grooming salon should have them looking cuter than ever:

Don Perro Nervión is a good place to go for custom dog grooming services. They will also teach pet owners how to do grooming themselves, and can offer some veterinary advice.

Both Doghis and Gizpet from some of our other lists also provide pet grooming at their locations.

Pet Cafes

We don’t know of any dog, cat, or pet cafes in Seville at the moment. If you are aware of any please tell us in the comments at the end of the post so we can add that info to this page, thanks.

Hotels That Allow Pets

Puppy training boarding Seville pet toys veterinarians

If you are looking for local hotels that allow pets stay at:

Pet Boarding In Seville

These Seville pet boarding facilities will give them a quality stay while you are out of town:

Animal Oasis Residence also has some dog training courses available. If your pet stays with Happy Dog they will stay at a caregivers home, not a boarding facility or animal shelter.

They can pick them up and drop them back off at your house, and while you’re gone you can do a video call to check in.

Best Veterinarians Near You

If medical problems arise head to one of the best veterinarians near you and get the best care:

You can expect to find basic health care for animals like flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, parasite control, vaccinations, microchipping, and standard pet surgeries at all of those. If you need 24 hour emergency veterinary care for sick or injured pets contact The Dogtor Clínica Veterinaria or Veterinaria Alameda Sevilla.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

A somber topic, but when that day comes if you decide to go that route you can get your dog, cat, or other pet cremated at:

You can get communal or private cremations from Adiós Mascota who will pick up your deceased pet from your home or the veterinary clinic. For more information on dog licenses in Seville click that link.

You may also want to read some of our other posts on nearby cities like:

Have Fun With Your Pets In Seville

After reading about all of those local pet stores, animal shelters, adoptions, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services you should feel a lot more confident about what comes next.

You could really help us and all of our readers out by letting us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or by sharing your own local pet tricks and tips. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Seville pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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