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In this post we will be breaking down everything we know about pets in Naples. Whether you already own one or are considering adding a new special member to your family there should be plenty of info here to help you figure out your next move.

Our opening section will be all about the best Naples pet stores. We figure since they are a good place to buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, and supplies they will probably be the most popular section of this post.

Dog or cat adoption at the best animal shelters in your area will be up next. With so much overpopulation the adoption route is the choice of many these days.

The dog lovers will get the most from our next few sections which are about dog parks, puppy trainers near you, and dog bakeries. Then we will jump into grooming and dog or cat cafes around the city. Hotels that allow pets to check in will also get their own section for any new visitors to the area.

You will also learn about the best places for pet boarding near you if you are traveling out of town yourself. At the end we will get into some unfortunate topics like veterinarians and dog or cat cremation.

There will also be a map to help you figure out which places are closest to your current area. You may also want to look through some of our other pet guides for Italian cities.

Best Pet Stores In Naples

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to add a member to your family or just need some new toys, food, or supplies the best pet stores in Naples would be:

There are a wide selection of fish and aquarium accessories available at AnimalStore. Of course they also sell all kinds of small animals, food for dogs, cats, and other pets plus they even provide pet grooming services.

Another good spot to buy pets, get your current dog groomed, or buy all kinds of pet food, products, and accessories is Avolio Pet Shop.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

The best shelter to adopt pets near you is Rifugio La Fenice at Via Virginia Woolf, 133. They are also a great contact for anyone that has lost or found a dog, cat, or other pet in the area.

Dog Parks

There is not much that will make them happier than spending some time at one of these local dog parks:

  • Santa Chiara Monastery
  • Area cani, Bosco di Capodimonte
  • Park Ciro Esposito
  • Parco Raffaele Viviani

Puppy Training

It might be hard to teach an old dog a new trick but these puppy training services will give you the best shot:

You can get everything from basic puppy training to more advanced classes in dog walking at CANbridge University. They also do cat training and have an area for boarding.

Cuore Di Cane can work with dogs who have behavioral problems or you can join one of their group courses for puppies. Not only will your dog be trained at Centro Cinofilo La Voce del Cane but they also try to train the owner as well.

Bau House Village who we are about to mention also has a good dog training school.

Dog Bakeries

Right now we do not know of any dog, cat, or pet bakeries in Naples. If you do please tell us in the comments so we can add that info to this page, thanks.

Naples Pet Grooming

Puppy training boarding Naples pet toys veterinarians

To help your dog or cat look better than ever bring them to one of these Naples pet groomers:

NewDog Pet Shop & Beauty Center focuses on professional grooming, scissor cuts, stripping, spa treatments, teeth cleaning without anesthesia, dog sitting services, dog taxi, board with playground, birthday party, dog education courses, and can even help with prepping for a dog show.

Vanity Pets is an all-around place for pet lovers in the area. On top of doing pet grooming they sell birds, bunnies, hamster and fish, they do pet sitting, they can provide in-home veterinary visits, and sell all kinds of pet food and supplies.

There are more pet grooming services available at Avolio Pet Shop and AnimalStore.

Pet Cafes

We are not aware of any local dog, cat, or pet cafes at the moment. If you know of any please tell us in the comments at the end of the post so we can add that info to this page, thanks.

Hotels That Allow Pets

For a hotel that allows pets stay at:

Pet Boarding In Naples

Bau House Village which you can find at Vico Calori di Sopra, 18 is a charming village to board your dogs or cats. NewDog Pet Shop & Beauty Center and the CANbridge University also provide dog boarding, and remember CANbridge has cat boarding too.

Best Veterinarians Near You

Get your animals the quality medical attention they deserve from one of the best veterinarians in town:

Clinica Veterinaria del Bosco can provide 24 hour emergency veterinary services for dogs, cats, reptiles, and other pets. Their services include basic medicine, lab analysis, abdominal and cardiological ultrasound and digital radiographs, night and holiday first aid, basic or specail surgery, pain therapy and more.

Vet Village also has 24/7 medical care for pets whether you need vet care late at night or on a holiday they will be available. Some of the available services at NapoliVet Clinica Veterinaria include preventing parasites, fleas, or ticks and implanting microchips.

They also provide veterinary care for exotic animals.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

You can get individual or communal pet cremation at Angel Service Cremazione Animali which is located at Via S. Carlo Borromeo, 20 twenty four hours a day.

All pets in Naples must have a health card that has been issued by a qualified veterinarian and all dogs must be registered with the AnagrafeCanina.

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Have Fun With Your Pets In Naples

Now that you have read about all of those local pet stores, animal shelters, adoptions, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services you should have a much better understanding of your options.

We and our readers would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or if you could share your own local pet tricks and tips. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Naples pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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