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Everything we know about pets in Melbourne will be discussed in detail for you right here on this page. Our goal is to dive deep and share anything you might be interested in about the subject at hand.

We can’t come up with a better place to begin than with a list of the best Melbourne pet stores. They are probably why the majority of you ended up on our site, and they should be able to help you buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, and all the supplies you could ever need.

Once they are out of the way it will be time to learn about the best local animal shelters for people who would prefer to adopt a dog, cat, or other animal. The following three sections are for dog lovers as they will get into dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries in your area.

Then we will pivot to pet grooming spas and dog or cat cafes near you. Pet friendly hotels and overnight boarding facilities will be up next for anyone who travels often.

Veterinarians and pet cremation services are not the happiest of subjects but at some point we all will probably need them. We would recommend that you stick around for our pets near you map at the conclusion if you don’t have a good feel for the area.

By the way, anyone who is interested is welcome to look through more of our posts on cities around Australia at that link.

Best Pet Stores In Melbourne

The best Melbourne pet stores are where to go if you want to buy a new puppy, kitten, toys, food, or any kind of supplies and accessories:

Expect to find all kinds of pet foods, treats, collars, leashes, toys, carriers, and other supplies at any of those local pet stores. Pets Wonderland sells a large selection of fish, baby turtles, and other animals in addition to all kinds of pet food and accessories.

Small pets can be boarded at their Pet Hotel in Prahran which can accommodate turtles, lizards, frogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and birds. Pet Store n More takes pleasure in presenting a diverse selection of items, live animals including reptiles, fish, turtles, birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

A DIY dog wash and pet laundry are also available at Pet Store N More. The range of animals for sale at Queen Victoria Market Pet Shop includes rabbits, guinea pigs, different kinds of fish and a range of caged birds. They also offer dog costumes so that you can dress your good boys and girls up in addition to all the food, treats, and supplies you need.

The Paw Principality offers nutritious food and treats, natural supplements, and premium accessories for your stylish cat and fancy dog. Raw feeding, organic certification, and locally obtained produce are their specialties.

My Pet Warehouse is a great place to buy a wide selection of pet food near you as well as important pet supplies like health products, toys, and beds. They have nine pet stores in your area but we didn’t want to fill up the list with the same spot.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

Visit one of these animal shelters in your area before you decide to go the buying new route:

RSPCA Burwood East is a community service that provides a safe haven for stray and abandoned animals while also protecting animals from abuse, treating sick and wounded animals, promoting pet welfare, and educating people about ethical ownership. They provide adoptions, help with lost pets, insurance, emergency help, grooming, behavior and training, and a vet clinic.

The Lost Dogs’ Home offers a vet facility, information on lost and recovered dogs, and adoption services. Victoria’s Cat Protection Society has an adoption center, a veterinarian clinic, and a retail store.

Dog Parks

An afternoon at one of these dog parks near you will really put a smile on their face:

  • Albert Park
  • Brighton Dog Beach
  • Princes Park
  • Darebin Parklands
  • Merri Creek Trail
  • Mentone Dog Beach
  • Sir Zelman Cowen Park
  • Caulfield Park
  • Jells Park

Puppy Training

These puppy trainers in your area should speed up their learning curve:

One of your best options for in-home dog obedience and behavior modification training for puppies and older dogs is K-9iQ Dog and Puppy Obedience. Puppy training, dog training, puppy school, and competitive training are all available via Positive K9 Training.

Kindergarten puppy training, basic obedience, advanced training, problem dogs, and in-home training are all available at Command Dog. Dog obedience and behavioral classes and group training are possible with Sankiri Dog Training.

RSPCA Burwood East and  can also help with puppy training, and The Pets Hotel also does personal and in-house training.

Dog Bakeries

Puppy training boarding Melbourne pet toys veterinarians

A treat from one of these dog bakeries will show them how much you care:

Supaw Pet Bakery makes treats and birthday cakes for dogs and cats that are grain-free and 100 percent natural. They are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, with no added sugar or salt, no artificial nasties, and are human-grade.

Pupcake Bakery sells fresh baked goods that are created from scratch with no preservatives, salt, or sugar added. Bones & Whiskers is a pet food bakery that specializes in natural, grain-free, organic pet food.

Pet Grooming

To get your dog or cat looking their best take them to one of these pet groomers:

Superb provides full grooming services for dogs, as well as dog washing, nail cutting, and other services. Murphy’s Paw offers expert grooming with a hydrobath as well as a large selection of pet products.

Groom-me by Lisa-Marie provides dog washes, standard grooms, clean ups, and deluxe grooms while also selling a variety of dog supplies acquired locally and internationally. Wen’s Dog Grooming Salon provides full grooming options and add on services that include teeth brushing, nail clipping, medicated baths, and flea and worm treatment.

Kloud9 Petspa provides cat and dog grooming, a pet spa, teeth cleaning, dog walking, and will even pick them up and drop them off. They also sell a large range of products for your cat and dog.

Some other local options for pet grooming include the RSPCA Burwood East and Abba Dog Boarding Kennels & Cattery.

Pet Cafes In Melbourne

These dog, cat, or other pet cafes in Melbourne are good places for them (or you) to make a new friend:

The Dog Café is a dog-friendly establishment that serves coffee, cake, and other snacks, as well as unique delicacies for your little buddy. Doghouse Café is a dog café that serves cake, food, and even will provide treats on dogs’ birthdays.

Cat Cafe Melbourne is a cat-only cafe, not an all pet cafe that is the first cat cafe in Australia, and all of their cats are adoptable. They provide a large selection of gift items, accessories, and cat necessities in their store section for cat enthusiasts.

Hotels That Allow Pets

Anyone that is traveling and who needs a local hotel that allows pets can try:

Pet Boarding In Melbourne

These Melbourne pet boarding services should give them a good nights sleep:

Melbourne’s Premier Luxury Indoor Pet Hotel is The Pets Hotel. Dog daycare, cat and dog boarding, a pet spa, as well as in-house and personal training are all available. Kepala Pet Resort is a five-star luxury resort for the most spoiled dogs and cats.

Abba Dog Boarding Kennels & Cattery provides boarding for dogs and cats, as well as bathing and grooming. You can also get overnight boarding for animals at Preston Veterinary Clinic & Hospital and Pets Wonderland offers boarding for tiny pets like turtles, lizards, frogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and birds.

Best Veterinarians Near You

You can give them the best medical care possible by going to one of the best veterinarians in your area:

All of the above should be able to provide standard veterinary care for animals like microchipping, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, parasite control, cremations, euthanasia, other end of life care, and basic surgical or medical procedures.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital is a well-known local institution that offers top-notch veterinary treatment to all pet owners. Through high-quality vet care and cutting-edge infrastructure, they hope to deliver world-class animal healthcare and wellbeing services while also providing critical, urgent, and emergency treatment.

Vaccinations, flea and tick management, desexing, and worming are all available at Fawkner Veterinary Hospital. Preston Veterinary Clinic & Hospital is open seven days a week and offers microchipping, pet boarding, and emergency treatments after hours.

Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic provides compassionate care for dogs, cats, birds, and other small pets, as well as injured native animals. They offer house calls, microchipping, pathology, and, of course other veterinary services. They also sell a wide variety of pet food and prescription diets, as well as pet care supplies and accessories.

Evervet East Melbourne also offers dental care, behavioral difficulties, puppy preschool, and cat boarding in addition to their veterinary services. Care Veterinary Hospital provides 24 hour emergency veterinary care for sick or injured animals in your area and if you need urgent assistance you can call them at +61 3 9417 6417.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

Edenhills Pet Cremation at 4/5 Enterprise Drive offers pet and horse cremation as well as memorial services. Now we want to share a few useful links before we go like this one to help you register a pet in Victoria online.

And here are some more for lost pets, dogs, and cats near you. We thought we should let you know we also created a:

Have Fun With Your Pets In Melbourne

All of those local pet stores, animal shelters, adoption centers, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services are ready any time you need them.

We would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or if you could share your own local pet tricks and tips. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Melbourne pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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