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Welcome to this discussion about pets in Athens. Some reading this will have furry friends of your own, others might be thinking about getting one, and either way there should be plenty of information here to help you plan how to proceed.

We will get the ball rolling with the best Athens pet stores. You can buy puppies, kittens, toys, food, and supplies at them so there is a good chance they are the reason most of you visited our page.

The top animal shelters in your area for local dog or cat adoption will follow them up. Dog parks, puppy trainers, and dog bakeries will be the new few topics we cover.

Then we will get into grooming and dog or cat cafes near you. Traveling is more popular than ever these days so we will mention some good hotels that allow pets in your area.

You will also read about the best places for local pet boarding. And we will finish it all off with unfortunate topics like veterinarians and dog or cat cremation services.

There will also be an area map to help you figure out which places are closest to you at the moment. And anyone that is interested can read all of our Europe pet guides at that link.

Best Pet Stores In Athens

You should be able to buy a new puppy or kitten or just get some new toys, food, or supplies at these best pet stores in Athens:

You will be able to buy all kinds of pet foods, treats, collars, leashes, toys, carriers, and other supplies at any of those local pet stores. Pet Panic has been in business since 2010 and they work with the greatest businesses in the industry to bring you quality food and accessories at the lowest pricing. At the same time, Pet Panic offers a grooming section that has been carefully developed to provide total care for your favorite dogs with respect and care.

At Pet Corner they are all bonded by their passion for animals, and it is their goal to spread that love every day. As a result, Pet Corner serves as a gathering place for local animal lovers in addition to being a straightforward business store.

ePets is a pet shop that carries high quality food and supplies for dogs and cats. They also offer many services including pet photography, dog training, puppy socializing, grooming, small animal cemeteries and incineration services, veterinary clinics, and even have a small animal hotel in your area.

Pet & Shop New World has a large selection of food, supplements, care and hygiene items, accessories, and supplies. They also undertake special orders and do not sell animals but instead promote adoptions.

PetΚosmos provides a great selection of food, nutrition, toys, and supplies for dogs, cats, fish, birds, and small animals. They also offer a grooming and a self-washing service.

Animal Shelters & Adoption

The Animal Welfare Department of City of Athens at Agiou Polikarpou 69 is in charge of collecting stray pets. They implemented a comprehensive veterinary care program for stray animals, especially dogs and cats, that includes vaccination, electronic marking, sterilization, and other services. They place food and water bowls for stray animals across the city. They also handle adoptions, animal abuse reports, and lost and found pet information.

Dog Parks

An afternoon at one of these dog parks near you will make them as happy as anything:

  • Pedion tou Areos Park
  • Lycabettus Hill
  • Ardittos Hill
  • Dog Park Asirmatou

Puppy Training

These puppy training services should speed up their learning curve:

K9 Training Center knows it is vital to establish a balanced and healthy coexistence that will remain indefinitely and will enable us to maximize their dog’s potential. They help develop a relationship between you and your dog based on mutual respect, discipline, and knowledge that both parties will receive following completion of training. They have comprehensive professional training and experience in dog training in Greece and abroad.

At Dogs Up they provide complete home training services tailoring them to your specific needs and daily routines, regardless of your dog’s age, breed, or behavior issues. They know training entails training the dog owner, dialogue, greater coexistence, and, in the long run, a higher quality of life.

Mr. Dog Place works with dogs of various sizes, from puppies to adults under the guidance of certified dog trainers from the Panhellenic Association of Dog Trainers. Bewolf Dog Training specializes in puppy pre-training, basic obedience, behavior problem solving, and puppy socialization. They also have a pet store that sells food and supplies.

ePets from our first list, as well as Pallini Kennels Pet Resort and I Love Dogs from the boarding list also offer dog training.

Dog Bakeries

Dog Bakery Noma has all kinds of from freshly prepared meals to vitamins and treats. With dynamism and confidence, Noma develops and supports every owner’s affection for their pet.

Pet Grooming

Get your dog or cat looking ready for the ‘Gram at these pet groomers:

Your pet will appreciate the services they provide at Pet Grooming House which is a modern, clean, and naturally ventilated environment that provides all of the needs for complete grooming. The solitude it offers creates a comfortable and secure setting, making the process less painful and stressful.

Dogs Kingdom has been working with dogs for the past 30 years, whether in the field of education or in the creation and maintenance of a hostel. Your favorite friend will discover things for his daily enjoyment and nutrition, as well as his hygiene, in their space in Ano Kypseli. Their primary focus is the well-being of your little buddy and the provision of high-quality goods.

Pet Code Pet Shop & Grooming opened 6 years ago and 3 years ago they used more room in their business for the grooming salon. Naughty Dog provides high-quality grooming and care for four-legged pets near you without using any sedatives. Haircuts, nail trims, dental cleaning, ear and anal gland cleansing, and substrate removal are among their services.

Moshi Moshi Mobile Pet Services provides full-service grooming for dogs and cats in your home. They also offer short-term or long-term dog sitting and walking.

Pet Panic, ePets, and PetΚosmos from the pet stores list, Pallini Kennels Pet Resort, I Love Dogs, and 4 Feet Dog Center from the boarding list also do grooming in your area.

Pet Cafes In Athens

Laluk Cafe-Bar at Georgiou Olympiou 15 is a cat cafe and bar where you can enjoy your drink, coffee, and meals while playing with the cats.

Hotels That Allow Pets

Anyone that is traveling and who needs a hotel that allows pets can try:

Pet Boarding In Athens

Puppy training boarding Athens pet toys veterinarians

These pet boarding services should give them a good nights sleep:

Pallini Kennels and Pet Resort is a cutting-edge pet care facility that is the first of its type in Greece. Their facility comprises an outstanding dog training center and Greece’s first dog hydrotherapy unit. Professional grooming services and a shop with specialized pet items are also available here. They also provide transportation for your four-legged pals to and from your home to their facility.

I Love Dogs doesn’t believe in putting pets in cement cages or isolating them; instead, they seek to provide a pleasurable experience for them rather than one that mimics prison conditions. Their property spans three acres of beautiful greenery and has three swimming pools as well as private dog cottages with beds, windows, and heating. Each single, detached dog house has its own private yard with willows, grass, sun beds, and other amenities to make your dog feel at ease.

The Animal Hotel Avra Farm is the pension that thousands of Greeks have raised with their trust for the accommodation of their pets. This is a place where dogs find love and care in comfortable and clean spaces, specially designed for the accommodation of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other small pets and in accordance with the European hygiene standards that govern all habitats of animals with legal license.

4 Feet Dog Center offers boarding services for dogs in a safe and friendly setting. They also have a daycare, parks, and a one-of-a-kind grooming service. ePets from the pet stores list also offers boarding.

Best Veterinarians Near You

You can give them the best medical care possible by going to one of the best veterinarians in Athens:

Any on that list should be able to provide standard veterinary care for animals like microchipping, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, parasite control, cremations, euthanasia, other end of life care, and basic surgical or medical procedures.

At Papaioannou Vet Center they combine years of experience, as they’ve been in the industry since 1982, with highly qualified and up-to-date medical procedures. On animals and wild birds, they can do dental and ophthalmic services, as well as soft and alternative therapies ranging from acupuncture to implants plus they have a surgical department and an intensive care unit.

Boulevard Animal Hospital is committed to providing their cats and dogs with preventative and illness veterinary care. Their local veterinarians recognize that you, the pet owner, play an important role in their pet’s care, and they are dedicated to providing their customers with the information, training, and support they need to make informed decisions about their dogs’ care.

Pet Medical Care focuses on the treatment of dogs and cats. They provide preventive medicine, as well as prompt diagnosis and treatment of pathological and surgical cases. In addition, they provide dentistry, laboratory tests, dermatology, and short-term hospitalization.

Roumeliotis Kalliopi Veterinary Clinic offers a full range of veterinary services for dogs, cats, and small pets. Pathology, dermatology, dentistry, soft-molecular surgery, and reproduction are some of their specialties.

Anyone that needs 24 hour emergency veterinary care near you can call +30 21 0608 2308 to contact Placentia Veterinary Clinic.

Pet Cremation & Euthanization

Understanding the grief you experience when your pet dies, their objective at Animal Cemetery at 19 400 in Koropi is to make the burial process as painless as possible, providing your pet with the same dignity and care as the one they had while living with you. A customized cremation unit is available, and all types of pets are welcome to use this service. Individual cremation allows you to keep your pet’s ashes in a customized urn to keep the memory of your pet alive.

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Have Fun With Your Pets In Athens

All of those pet stores, animal shelters, local adoption centers, dog parks, puppy trainers, bakeries, groomers, cafes, hotels that allow pets, places to board your dogs or cats, and even veterinarian or cremation services in your area are ready whenever you need them.

We would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you noticed anything incorrect, or if you could share your own local pet tricks and tips. Hopefully you have a great time visiting any Athens pet stores, shelters, dog parks, or whatever places you learned about on this page.

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